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Grass Cutting In South Hills Pittsburgh

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Grass Cutting in Pittsburgh

When it comes to grass cutting, nothing beats experience. 20 Landscaping’s leader of grass cutting, Greg, has been with the company for 15 years, so he knows grass better than anyone in the South Hills Pittsburgh area. Each year, 20 Landscaping purchases new mowers to provide the best grass cutting services available on the market for our customers.

What Do We Offer?

20 Landscaping offers both residential grass cutting and commercial grass cutting services. The team has expertise in jobs as small as quarter acre residential yards to 25 acre condo complexes. Services start in the spring with a clean up of the area and end in the fall with another clean up. As a part of the service, the professionals weed whack around the property and blow excess grass off sidewalks and driveways so there is no residue left over.

Who Do We Serve?

There are only certain areas that fall within our grass cutting service coverage zone, so please call or email us for details. 20 Landscaping fulfills both residential grass cutting needs and commercial grass cutting needs in the South Hills area.

Pricing Details:

  • Free consultations and estimates!
  • 10% off for yearly repeating customers
  • Cash, check or credit card

Pricing for grass cutting is done through an on estimate, which is free to obtain. 20 Landscaping offers “worry free” landscaping for customers who pay in advance for the upcoming year. For those who pay in advance, there is a 10 discount on your annual residential grass cutting or commercial grass cutting costs, without having to deal with monthly billing. Customers are always welcome to pay monthly with cash, check or credit card.


For any of your grass cutting, or any other landscaping needs in the South Hills Pittsburgh area, reach out to 20 Landscaping here. All of 20 Landscaping’s lawn care services are tailored to fit any need or budget. The dedicated staff is available Monday through Friday to answer any and all questions. If you leave a message or send an email, 20 Landscaping will respond within 24 hours.