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Tree Removal Services Pittsburgh

If your property has diseased trees, or if you would like to remove a tree or trees due to safety issues or because of location concerns, 20 Landscaping can help.

We have the right safety equipment, removal equipment, and experienced specialists who are trained to remove trees from both residential and commercial properties. We can remove one tree from a yard, or dozens that have blown over in a storm.

Safe Tree Removal

Bringing down a tree safely can be difficult, especially near roads, houses, and buildings. The potential for serious harm when bringing down and removing a tree (big or small) should always be considered. That’s why it’s important to use a professional tree removal service like 20 Landscaping. We will come to your property, assess and inspect the tree along with the surrounding area, and then bring the correct equipment to cut down and remove the tree. As tree removal specialists, we are fully licensed and insured, so you’ll know that you’re in good hands.

Tree Removal Service

Trees that are already damaged or dead may have already lost their structural integrity and will require additional vigilance when removing them. Often, diseased trees will have weak areas that may cause the tree to fall as soon as it’s touched by equipment. That’s why tree removal should never be a DIY project. Our specialists know how to deal with these problems and will safety bring down your tree or trees before they can damage your home or property during the next big storm.

Storm Damage and Cleanup Services

20 Landscaping can help remove trees that have fallen or are leaning due to wind, rain, snow, or lightening storms. If a fallen tree is leaning into a power or electric line, DO NOT TOUCH IT. Instead, call your utility company and have your power turned off. Then, give us a call so that 20 Landscaping can remove the tree.

Call 20 Landscaping today. We’re fully licensed, insured, safe and efficient. We can provide references so that you can talk to customers who have used our tree removal services in the past. Serving the South Hills and Greater Pittsburgh area, our professional landscapers know how to get the job done!