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Stump Removal and Grinding Services in Pittsburgh

Stump Removal Services

Stump Removal

Tree stump removal and grinding are specialized services, and can be difficult for home and business owners to safely perform. 20 Landscaping provides experienced tree technicians who employ all required safety measures to ensure that your tree stump is removed and/or ground properly and efficiently. We are proud to say we’re the stump removal experts in Pittsburgh’s South Hills area.

Stump Removal Basics

When trees are cut down, especially by homeowners or simply someone with a chainsaw, people discover that the stump can’t be removed, since it requires special equipment. First, the stump isn’t just a tree stump—it’s connected to a wide system of roots which may run under other trees, homes, driveways, or roads. Once roots are well established within the ground, it’s difficult to remove a stump from the soil.

Why Remove a Stump?

They’re an eyesore, of course. However, leaving a stump on your property or in your yard is dangerous and poses an injury risk for people and pets. As roots die, they can cause the yard to sink in places, making it difficult to navigate your property and causing people to trip or fall in sinkholes. Also, people may inadvertently run into them, and they’re difficult to navigate when cutting your grass. Stumps can also house undesirable animals and insects such as snakes, small rodents, and wasps that you don’t want living on your property.

In addition to injury risk, it’s also important to grind down a stump and remove the roots so that nearby trees, vegetation, shrubbery, and plants can access the nutrients in the ground that the stump’s root system may still be storing.

Stump Grinding Services in Pittsburgh

Without professional services, it’s nearly impossible to remove a stump and the root system of a tree, especially a mature tree. We have the necessary removal and grinding equipment, and we can clear out the stump so that you can prepare your yard for seeding, sod, or landscaping.

At 20 Landscaping, we believe that providing safe, superior service is what makes our customers so pleased with our landscaping and tree care. Call us today for stump removal and grinding services for anyone in the Pittsburgh or South Hills area.