Landscaping in McMurray, PA

Full-Service Landscaping in McMurray, PA

20 Landscaping has been providing full-service landscaping services to residential and commercial customers in McMurray, PA since 2003. We take pride in designing and building beautiful outdoor living spaces in McMurray, PA.

The experts at 20 Landscaping know how to make your lawn beautiful and maintain it all year long. From grass cutting to mulching and edging, our services are designed to maintain the health and integrity of your lawn, so that it can look its best regardless of the season!

When your shrubs need trimmed or your lawn needs fertilized, contact the experts at 20 Landscaping. We can help you design and plant a beautiful garden space in the spring, or help you clean up those pesky leaves in the fall!

From designing a patio or walkway, to creating a custom outdoor hardscape, our experts have the knowledge and the experience to produce a space that is functional, yet aesthetically pleasing. Our hardscaping services are designed to enhance the uniqueness of your property, and blend into the surroundings for a functional space that is natural-looking. If you need a retaining wall, our team of professionals can design and build one that suits the needs of your property, with quality materials and expert installation.

Whether from a storm or simply to free up space, 20 Landscaping provides tree removal services to both residential and professional customers. We have the tools and the knowledge to ensure that the tree is removed safely, without any damage to the surrounding area. We also provide stump grinding services, as well as tree trimming, when branches become a hazard to the are around them.

When the weather turns cold, it’s just a matter of time before the snow falls. Snow can hinder your business as well as pose a risk to safety on your property. Our snow removal services are dependable and professional, ensuring that your property is clear in a timely and efficient manner.