Custom Hardscape Designs

Custom Hardscape Design In South Hills Pittsburgh

custom hardscape design

Custom hardscape design. Patio and outdoor fireplace

If you are looking for brick or natural stone hardscaping in the South Hills Pittsburgh area, 20 Landscaping has built a reputation as the area’s industry expert. The team uses a wide array of trees, shrubs, plants and flowers that integrate smoothly with the surrounding softscape environment to create an ascetic that adds curb appeal, and therefore value, to any home.

What We Offer

Whether it is an outdoor fireplace, outdoor kitchen or living area, or even a beautiful bench around a custom fire pit, 20 Landscaping’s team of experts will provide a blueprint for any need. 20 Landscaping serves both the residential and commercial communities of South Hills Pittsburgh with a wide variety of hardscaping services. They include:

  • Patio designs & walkways
  • Retaining walls & wall resets
  • Custom BBQ pits & outdoor areas
  • Outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits, benches and seating areas
  • Rock design, including bricks, natural stone, boulder and flagstone
  • & much more!


How We Do It

pittsburgh hardscape design

Once first contact is made, 20 Landscaping’s owner Mike Goettler will visit the property requesting work within a week to take a look and gather an estimate. The customer will either get a price estimate that day, or within 24 hours, depending on the scope of the project. Once a decision to move forward with the project is made, and a deposit is put down, the team schedules the work to be completed. More than likely, 20 Landscaping can have the project done in less than a month’s time.

Why Us For Hardscaping?

20 Landscaping has experienced, reliable professionals working to ensure that customers are satisfied with their hardscaping projects. Customer satisfaction is paramount throughout the hardscaping process.

For more information about hardscaping, or any other services in the South Hills Pittsburgh area, reach out to 20 Landscaping here. The dedicated staff is available Monday through Friday to answer any and all questions. If you leave a message or send an email, 20 Landscaping will respond within 24 hours.