Things To Consider In Choosing Your Hardscaping Design

Changing your Hardscape Design

You may be familiar with the term “landscaping, which involves the use of plants and other biological elements to improve the appearance of an area of land. ” Hardscaping, however, deals with the “hard elements” of the land, such as decks, patios, walkways, and other non-living structures.

Properly planned, hardscaping elements are designed to improve the overall appearance of a property, not detract from it. Hardscaping elements have a number of almost limitless options, and it is important to find the right balance, to not only meet the needs of the homeowner, but to improve the aesthetic appearance of the home.

Hardscaping Services Pittsburgh

Texture is important in planning a good hardscape design. While using one particular texture can provide a lifeless, redundant appearance, too many different textures can make it seem cluttered and chaotic. This is a primary example of finding the right balance, a blend of textures that complements both the home and the landscape. This same concept should also be applied when considering color choices.

Knowing your space is the key to success in any hardscape design. Knowing exactly what space you are working with will help you to incorporate a successful design plan as well as a preliminary budget. In addition, it is important to familiarize yourself with your local building codes, so that you will know what is permissible, and eliminate any last-minute surprises.

Climate is another important factor in planning a hardscape design. Pittsburgh’s four seasons are known for their temperamental elements, and you will want to choose not only a design that is practical for the climate, but materials that can withstand the seasonal temperatures.

Consider your surrounding area. Do you have a pool, a patio, or other structures that you will need to build around? You will want materials and and overall design that not only complements these structures, but does not inhibit access to them or detract from them.

When it comes to hardscaping, 20 Landscaping is experienced in planning and implementing custom hardscape designs that not only improve the appearance of your property, but add to your property value as well. With our unique knowledge of the Pittsburgh area and our years of experience planning custom hardscape designs, we are confident that we can create a custom hardscape design that you will love. Contact us today for more information on our Custom Hardscape projects.

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