The Importance Of Cleaning Up Your Fall Leaves

Cleaning up Your Leaves in the Fall

Autumn in Pittsburgh is fully underway, and many of the leaves have finished changing color and are now at the process of leaving the trees to settle on the ground. While autumn in Pittsburgh can be a beautiful season, with the beautiful colors generated by the many different trees of the area, it brings with it a lot of outdoor yard work.

While many would prefer to ignore the mass of leaves on the ground and hunker down for winter, proper lawn care preparatory tasks are essential to ensure that your landscaping is healthier and more productive for spring. One important chore is fall leaf cleanup, which is an important step in reducing problems from pests and diseases.

Fall Leaf Removal

This does not mean that it’s necessary for you to track down every single spare leaf located on your property, but piles of large leaves such as oak or maple can smother the grass underneath if not removed. In addition, fall leaves can produce diseases, such as anthracnose, a type of fungus common in many trees native to Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania, such as sycamore, white oak, elm, dogwood, and maple.

Just like people, plants, trees and grass need a healthy environment in order to thrive. Leaving fallen leaves, branches and dead plants increases the risk of disease and pestilence that can affect your yard year round. Fallen leaves are the ideal locations for pests and disease to harbor, as well as providing an excellent environment for fungi to grow, due to the trapped moisture and humidity.

Fortunately, there is no need for you to take on the daunting task of leaf removal. 20 Landscaping’s team of professionals has the proper tools and equipment, as well as the experience, to ensure that your lawn is free of leaves and other debris, so that you lawn will be healthy come spring. Our Leaf Removal Services vary according to the size of your yard and the amount of leaves present on the property. Whether you are looking to rake, blow, mulch, bag, or haul off, 20 Landscaping will take care of your Leaf Removal, giving you more quality time to spend with your family or just to relax! For more information on our Leaf Removal Services, contact us today for an estimate!

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