The Facts About Dandelion Control

Dandelion Control

Dandelions are an unwelcome sight all across Pittsburgh landscapes when spring comes to town. Even if your lawn is clear, they can be spread easily, up to miles, from other properties where they are thriving. And just when you think you have seen the last of them, more seem to pop up in their place. Hardy and hard to kill, dandelions are an unfortunate staple of almost every lawn at one point or another.

Controlling dandelions is not easy. Their roots can run up to ten inches deep and live underground throughout Pittsburgh’s fall and winter months. Pulling them up is often ineffective, as it is necessary to remove the entire root to prevent them from growing. Weed control can be tricky, as the wrong product can kill the surrounding lawn.

Dandelion Control

Fortunately, the experts at 20 Landscaping have the tools and the solutions to helping your lawn stay healthy and weed-free. We will address the overall health of your lawn and come up with the best plan to eliminate weeds and restore your soil.

Each lawn is unique, and the professionals at 20 Landscaping will address the needs of each landscape, and come up with a treatment plan to address the solution long-term, so that your lawn will look healthy and green come summer!

Dandelion control isn’t easy, but it is possible with 20 Landscaping’s Lawn Care Services. We can restore your grass its lush, green health, whether it is weed control, grub treatment, lawn aeration or leaf removal.

20 Landscaping has a lawn care package to suit your needs and your budget. Don’t let the dandelions overtake your yard – contact us today!

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