Protecting Your Landscape From Spring Frost

Lawn Protection

Spring in Pittsburgh can be temperamental. Jackets in the morning and shorts in the afternoon are not an uncommon sight during the spring months. Unfortunately, your landscaping can be affected by this type of weather, particularly for those who are eager to get a head-start on planting. Overnight frost can happen even during the spring months, so it is important to know the measures to take should that occur:

Spring Landscaping

  1. Make sure all potted plants are indoors. While they make a beautiful addition to any home and garden, potted plants are particularly susceptible to extreme temperatures.
  2. Cover your plants. If frost is expected, it can kill budding plants and flowers. You can use special landscaping cloth, tarp, or a drop cloth, but be sure to cover them thoroughly.
  3. Water your plants. Watering your plants before a frost ensures that heat is better trapped, evaporating slowly and warming the air around the plants. However, should the soil around the plants be frozen, do not water them.
  4. Make use of mulch. Mulching around your plant beds provides a source of insulation, holding in much-needed heat and moisture. 2 to 3 inches of mulch is the recommended amount.

If you have an area that can serve as a “greenhouse” until the weather is warmer, consider using that area. Planting in small pots and transferring them when the weather is more suited for them to thrive is always your best choice. It may be tempting to start planting outside early when those first few warm days of spring arrive, but remember that it may not be the end of those cold nights!

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