Prepare your Lawn For Spring Landscaping

Spring Landscaping

Spring is has arrived in Pittsburgh! We thought it would never get here, and sometimes we wonder if it is really here now, but nevertheless Spring is here and Summer is soon to follow. Now is the time we start thinking about spending warm days outside enjoying our backyards. Now is also the time to start preparing so that you can have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood. The way to have a great looking lawn in the summer is to start preparing in early spring.

Spring Landscpaing

  • Clean Up Your Yard! Any spring yard work should begin with cleaning up any debris, trash, or leftover fallen leaves from the fall. Once you have picked up the larger pieces by hand, rake the rest. And don’t forget your flower beds.
  • And Speaking of Flower Beds! Now is the time to edge your flower beds. This creates a definite line between your lawn and the flower beds and helps to keep weeds and grass from overtaking the area you have defined for your flowers and plants.
  • Mulch! Mulching your flower beds will help your soil hold moisture so that you don’t have to water as often. It also suppresses weeds so that you can spend more time admiring your lovely landscaping and less time pulling weeds from it.

Throughout your spring lawn care process, also keep these essential tasks in mind as valuable things to include in your spring landscaping service.

  • Fertilize – But not too much! Apply a light coating of fertilizer to your lawn in early spring, but save the large done of fertilizer to be done after your lawn’s initial growth spurt.
  • Mow – But not too short! Your grass will thrive at approximately two inches in height. So don’t go any shorter than this during your first few cuts in the spring.
  • Reseed! Now is the perfect time to reseed the dead or damaged patches of grass in your yard. Late March and early April are some rainy times and adequate watering of your reseeded areas will promote the best growth.

Now that you have your spring landscaping service all planned out, get out there. Proper spring lawn care service can make for much easier year round landscaping. Call the experts at 20 Landscaping for all of your Spring lawn care service needs and to answer any questions about year round landscaping.

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