Mulching This Spring

Spring Mulching

Mulching your landscaping beds serves several essential purposes. For starters, mulching protects your plant’s root systems from the heat and cold, which can damage the roots themselves. Mulch also helps the root systems to retain water, reducing their need for constant watering. In terms of soil, mulching adds valuable nutrients as well as reducing the formation of new weeds, leaving you with a clean-looking landscape bed that is healthy as well as pleasing to the eye.

The recommended amount of mulch is approximately one and a half to two inches deep, in order to be at its most effective. However, it is important to ensure that too much mulch does not build up at the base of trees or shrubs, as it can cause damage to the bush or tree. When to apply new mulch depends entirely on the needs of your particular space, a rule of thumb is every one to three years.

Mulching Services

As far as the type of mulch, again, it depends on your particular conditions. Bark mulch is best for areas around trees and shrubs, and when you will not be doing a lot of digging that will disturb the mulch. Shredded mulch will decompose quicker, however, it will trap more moisture in your flower beds. Cedar mulch, while expensive, has natural oils in the wood that repel insects, and is a preferred choice in areas where termites are common.

When it comes to mulching, don’t feel that you have to do it all yourself! The experts at 20 Landscaping has the tools and the experience to create the ideal blend of mulching and edging that will beautify your commercial or residential property while ensuring the health of your yard and plants. Spring is coming soon to Pittsburgh – it’s not too early to start thinking of your yard – contact the experts at 20 Landscaping today!

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