Landscaping Tips for the Cold Weather

Cold Weather Landscaping tips

Winter and the frigid temperatures that accompany it are in full swing in Pittsburgh, with lawn care and landscaping the furthest thing from the minds of homeowners and business property owners, as snow removal services take priority. Because lawns are hidden beneath snow and ice, with growth dormant in the winter months, it’s a common misconception that there is no point to taking care of a lawn. However, taking just a few simple steps during the winter can lead to a beautiful landscape in the spring:

Trim Trees and Shrubs. Perennial plants fare well when pruned in winter (dormant) months. So now is the perfect time to trim any hostas, peonies or daisies, as well as shrubs and hedges on the property. When pruning trees, such as evergreen and deciduous ones, it is important to trim them properly, for the health of the tree as well as safety reasons. For trees that are large or have branches in awkward areas, contact a professional. When there is a snowfall, be sure to remove branches of excessive snow to prevent damage to the existing branches.

Snow Removal

Keep your lawn free of debris and clutter. Just because the grass is in a dormant stage does not mean you can start piling things on the lawn. Just as in the spring and summer months, objects kept on the lawn can choke the grass underneath and have ill effects. This includes in particular parking cars on the lawn.

Keep traffic on the lawn to a minimum. Particularly when the walkways are slippery, people tend to make a path through the lawn on the way in and out. If these paths become frequently used, they can become excessively worn down, which will cause a late recovery time. Keeping the walkways clear is the best way to prevent this. You can mark out the edges of your lawn so that it does not get damaged when shoveling.

In short, it only takes a few preventative tips during the winter to have a lush landscape for the spring and summer! Pittsburgh residents or commercial property owners who are looking to have their landscapes winterized shouldn’t hesitate to call 20 Landscaping. We offer a number of services, including expert Snow Removal Services. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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