Keeping up With Those Pesky Weeds

Pesky Weeds

Pristine green lawns are all the rage once the winter season breaks. The competition between neighbors is at its peak and who decides to ruin your chances of one upping the competition; weeds. Inevitably weeds will make their presence known and thus the constant war. As a lawn care company in the Pittsburgh area we would like to offer a few tips to help you keep weeds at bay and hopefully record a few victories.

Choke Them – That’s right choosing a good grass seed is a step in the right direction to eradicating the weeds. Be mindful of the area you are treating and the surrounding vegetation. To avoid the risk of your grass competing for water and nutrients do not distribute the seeds all in one place. If you are not careful you could risk the seeds being wasted, being weak, and eventually killed off.

Weed Control

Dress It – No not the weeds but the seeds you have just sown. You can use a variety of mixtures such as manure and alfalfa, compost, and other purchased mixtures. The idea is to top dress the seeds you sowed in order to enhance the quality of the soil which will in turn help the seeds to grow.

Drinks Anyone? – Do not leave your seeds thirsting for something to drink. At least once or twice a day the seeds should be watered. Preferably, there should be a light watering in the morning and then another in the late evening. Be careful not to overpower or wash the seeds away by using a strong spray. A light misty spray should do the trick. Continue this routine for a few weeks then it should be safe to switch to periodic and heavier water soakings which is better for your lawn.

Keep a Watchful Eye – Lastly it is important to keep your eyes open to see if the weeds reappear. All of the above measures do not guarantee you will always rid your lawn of the weeds but it does not give you a better chance. If the weeds do re-emerge then continue feeding your grass and repeating the whole process.

Of course not everyone has a green thumb or has the time to go through the above process. In that case you should consider hiring one of the premier lawn services in Pittsburgh. Contact us today!

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