How To Know If You’ve Found The Right Snow Removal Service

Snow Removal Services

While the snow has not yet hit the Pittsburgh area, it is inevitable that we will experience it at some point through the long winter. And when it does come, it is important to have a reliable Snow Removal Team that will ensure that your property is taken care of. The harsh elements of the Pittsburgh winters and the resulting snowfall can be damaging to your home or business, particularly for roofs and gutters. You want to have a Snow Removal Service that is experienced as well as dependable. While finding one can seem to be an overwhelming task, asking a few simple questions will help you understand the process so that you can find the right Snow Removal Company to help your property stay safe and dry all winter long.

  1. Will the company work while it is still snowing, and if not, how soon after? If the company typically waits until the end of a snowfall, this can result in days of snow and ice accumulation. You will want to know their schedule for clearing snow, as well as what time they start, and how long after the first sign of snow that your property will be cleared.
  2. Snow Removal Service

  3. Where do they put the snow that they remove? Clearing your property is good, but not when the cleared snow will obstruct other necessary areas on your property. It is also important to comply with local zoning ordinances on where to deposit removed snow.
  4. Is there a Snow Removal Contract? Having your agreement in writing is the best way for you to know exactly what you are getting and what the terms are. Be sure to understand your contract and address any questions before you enter into an agreement.
  5. Is the Snow Removal Company properly insured? The right Snow Removal Company should have a valid business liability insurance policy, which will help protect your property in case damage or an accident occur onsite.

Most importantly, ask questions about the level of service a company provides, as well as their experience in the business. Finding out that your Snow Removal Company is not properly equipped in the middle of a snowstorm can create a number of problems that aren’t easily solved. 20 Landscaping employs a dedicated Snow Removal Team for residential and business customers in and around the Pittsburgh area. Our proven track record and many satisfied customers show that we are unmatched in timeliness, professionalism and follow-through.

For more information on our wide range of Landscaping and Snow Removal Services, contact us today. Our dedicated team of professionals is available Monday through Friday and most weekend hours.

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