Five Ways a Professional Landscaper can Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

If you want to enjoy a beautiful, healthy lawn this summer, it’s important to get started on lawn maintenance this spring. Your local South Hills landscaping professional can finish the job faster, save you money and free you up for other things in your life. 20 Landscaping and other local landscaping companies know what it takes to make your lawn look beautiful and increase the value of your property.

Here are five ways a local professional can prepare your lawn for spring landscaping:

Remove leaves and other debris. Leaves, dead turf and other debris are more than just an eyesore. When debris piles up on your lawn, it can cause problems such as rot or fungus growth, restricted air flow and weakened root systems. That may prevent new grass blades from growing into a lush, thick lawn. 20 Landscaping has the tools and expertise for leaf removal so your lawn stays healthy and looks its best for the warm-weather months.

Fertilize the soil for spring planting. Grass needs more than just water and sunshine to grow. It also depends on high-quality soil. But over time, the soil in your lawn begins to degrade and starts to lose vital nutrients. Fertilizer replenishes and nourishes soil with essential elements such as phosphorus, nitrate and potassium. It also helps to reduce weeds and it controls insects and disease. An experienced landscaping company such as 20 Landscaping will assess your needs, pick the right fertilizer and properly apply it to your lawn.

Design and implement a landscape plan. A picture-perfect lawn starts with a comprehensive plan. A South Hills landscaping professional such as 20 Landscaping will tailor a plan that is designed to meet your needs and budget. Many professional landscapers also buy plants, shrubs, flowers and trees in bulk from wholesalers to save you money. What’s more, a local professional is familiar with the planting process that is most appropriate for Pittsburgh’s climate. That ensures your lawn will thrive and stay in peak condition throughout the year.

Remove and grind tree stumps. Winter storms in the South Hills can often knock trees over, leaving unsightly stumps on your lawn and surrounding property. Tree stumps are not only a safety hazard, but they can also harbor infestations and disease, cause sinkholes in the ground and take up valuable space in your yard. However, it can be difficult and dangerous to remove a tree stump on your own. That’s when it’s best to leave tree stump removal to a professional landscaper like 20 Landscaping. They will easily pull out and grind the stump so you can get your lawn ready for seeding, sodding and landscaping.

Integrate a customized hardscape design with your natural landscaping. To enhance the beauty of your yard and increase the value of your property, you might want to consider adding hardscapes such as a patio, BBQ pit, walkway, retaining wall and/or bench. 20 Landscaping creates hardscape designs that are tailored for both residential and commercial properties, then it builds affordable hardscapes that provide a complement to your trees, shrubs and lawn.

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