Eco-Friendly Leaf Removal Is An Excellent Way to Maintain Your Yard

Eco-Friendly Leaf Removal

The striking colors of the leaves during the fall in Pittsburgh make it hard to realize that, eventually, these leaves will eventually fall and cover the properties of many home and business owners. Fall is the time of year when property owners are wrapping up their lawn maintenance and shifting their focus on leaf removal. There are some situations in which regular leaf removal is essential, such as a property where the leaf cover can be so thick that it can pose a danger of falling on leaf-covered pathways.

Regardless of whether the property is commercial or residential, leaf removal is essential to preserving the health of your lawn. The trees that are most commonly found in and around the Pittsburgh area, such as maple, elm, oak, and sycamore, produce large leaves which, when left on the lawn, can smother and kill the grass, or contribute to insects and fungal growth. A thick layer of these types of leaves can block the sunlight, as well as trapping and holding in moisture that is detrimental to the lawn and soil.

Leaf Removal Services

Managing and disposing of the leaves on your property can be a hassle as well as time-consuming. Each township in Pittsburgh has their own regulations and collection policies and schedules that each property owner must abide by for leaf collection. Fortunately, an increasingly popular eco-friendly solution has been allowing property owners to take advantage of the naturally organic material that can benefit their lawns.

One method is to chop the existing leaves into small bits and pieces with a mulching mower and leave them on the ground. If the leaves are larger, they may require a couple of passes with the mower. As these tiny bits decompose, they will add organic matter and trace nutrients to the lawn, improving soil quality. An alternative method is to bag the leaves with a mower while mowing the lawn. The tiny bits that are collected can be added to a compost pile, mixed into the soil, or used to add as mulch around existing plant beds.

Utilizing your mower into a mulching and leaf disposal tool not only provides benefits to the lawn, it is an extremely effective as well as time-saving method of leaf disposal. You are able to make use of organic materials that are already present in an eco-friendly manner that reduces waste and allows your property to reap the benefits.

From the moment your first leaves hit the ground, 20 Landscaping’s Leaf Removal Services ensures that your leaves are removed, regardless of the size of the job. With the tools, the knowledge and the experience to handle any property, whether commercial or residential, 20 Landscaping’s Leaf Removal Services maintain the health and integrity of your commercial or residential lawn while helping it to look its best year round. For more information on any of our services, contact us today.

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