Create A Great Outdoor Living Space With Landscape Design

Great Outdoor Living

The right design can help you transform your backyard into a spectacular private retreat that can serve as a place for relaxation, or to entertain family and friends. Your backyard living space can be expanded to allow you to enjoy extra hours of outdoor activity, with elements incorporated that reflect your lifestyle as well as complement your current landscape. When creating the perfect outdoor living space, considering what you want to achieve will help you to plan the perfect space.

First, consider the actual space that you have, the useable space that you have to work with. Taking the space that you have and envisioning what you would like it to become can help to set the framework that you can work with towards the finished project. Some ideas include:

Outdoor Living

Custom BBQ Pit – There is nothing more enjoyable than cooking outside, and a custom BBQ pit in which the design meets the chef adds an element that is useful as well as fun.

Patios and Walkways – Looking to expand your outdoor seating space? An attractive addition is a custom patio, with stone that complements the exterior of you home.

Rock Design – A custom design of natural stone, boulders, flagstone, or even brick add a blend of natural elements to create a beautiful setting.

Flower Beds – If you are looking to simply expand your love of plants and gardening, there are numerous options when it comes to custom flower beds.

Whatever your needs, 20 Landscaping can help you to design the perfect backyard space that suits your needs and the needs of your family. We have the experience and the creativity to create a space that you will truly enjoy, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Locally owned and operated, 20 Landscaping has a unique knowledge of the Pittsburgh area and its neighborhoods, each with their own characteristics, and can help create the perfect design that not only complements your home, but increases its value.

For more information on creating a unique outdoor living space with landscape design, contact the experts at 20 Landscaping today!

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