Amazing Lawn Care Tips from 20 Landscaping

Lawn Care Tips

With the sporadic weather we have endured in the Pittsburgh area this year, individuals with a lawn are probably thinking of how to get their lawns prepared for the warmer seasons. Of course, when you have a lawn to care for it is best to think in terms of year round landscaping. For when it comes to lawn care in the Pittsburgh area each new season presents its own unique challenges. The most important thing to remember is that it must be done, and it must be done consistently if you want to see glorious looking greenery on your property.

Landscaping Care

Lawn Care Essentials

  • Fall and Winter – The priority is to protect your grass from the frigid temperatures and harsh elements.
  • Spring and Summer – The priority is to water and fertilize your lawn regularly.
  • Remove the Weeds – This is almost a life and death situation. Chuckle. But really do not mess around when it comes to weed removable. As soon as you notice any type of weed, remove it promptly. Purchasing a pesticide to use on your lawn is a great preventive measure against the battle of the weeds.
  • Supporting Cast – Don’t forget to manicure the trees and shrubbery surrounding your property. You can’t have groomed grass and then forget about the other greenery. Also, be creative and install some colorful flowers.
  • Cutting the Grass – It is important to establish a schedule for cutting the grass. We advise not cutting below 3” to the ground so not to incur damage to the blades or prevent new growth of the grass. If you have a few bold patches or your grass is a little dry try purchasing some grass seeds and replanting.

Lawn maintenance does take time, consistency, and patience. But believe us when we say it is worth the wait to see the final results. Although you can utilize all of our tips yourself, if you do not have a green thumb, or the time to due to work and family obligations then consider hiring a professional landscaper.

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